Value Addition & Services

Testing Laboratory

Our dedication to creating an outstanding laboratory culture is unmatched at Koel Group. We are adamant that having a capable lab can change the game in a number of ways. We are happy to have three different laboratories here at Koel Group, each with its own focus and objectives.

Formulation and Chemical Management Lab

At Koel Group, we are extremely proud of the hard-working group that creates season-appropriate color palettes that meet the stringent requirements of our clients. Our knowledgeable team carefully examines the best dyes, weighs cost factors, and guarantees that each color satisfies our exacting quality standards.

Confirmation Lab

The Koel Group places a premium on doing things “Right the First Time,” notably in our Dyeing Section. In this situation, our Confirmation Lab plays a crucial role in assuring accurate color matching for bulk production and flawless reproducibility, ensuring accuracy both in the lab and at the level of bulk manufacturing.

Sample Unit

The Koel Group’s dedication to innovation and quality is driven by the Sample Unit. Here, we painstakingly create and test prototypes, laying the groundwork for game-changing developments across numerous industries. We guarantee that every sample is a testament to excellence thanks to cutting-edge infrastructure and a committed workforce.

We constantly push the frontiers of what is possible in our continuous quest of innovation, venturing into unexplored territory. We provide prototypes that spur advancement in everything from cutting-edge technology to sustainable solutions. We sample the future at Koel Group’s Sample Unit, giving customers a sneak peek at the ground-breaking innovations that will soon be available.


With accuracy and innovation, Koel Group revolutionizes the garment printing industry. Our state-of-the-art printing studio turns clothes into wearable pieces of art. We bring designs to life with vivid colors and exquisite details using cutting-edge processes including screen printing, digital printing, and heat transfer. Koel Group produces high-quality prints on a variety of fabrics for custom branding or artistic expression. Each garment is an infinitely versatile canvas because to our dedication to innovation and quality. Explore the fascinating world of apparel printing with us as we discover how fashion and creativity collide and where style knows no limitations.


The needlework produced by Koel Group is an example of fine artistry. With accuracy and imagination, our talented craftspeople turn cloth into wearable works of art. We imbue clothing with distinctive character and elegance, using everything from elaborate floral motifs to modern styles. At Koel Group, embroidery serves as a sign of quality and elegance rather than just being an ornament. We improve collars, hems, and cuffs to give clothing a more upscale appearance. Join us on a trip where history and innovation collide and every stitch reveals the artistry behind it. At Koel Group, we use the craftsmanship of embroidery to build experiences rather than just clothing.


The devotion, knowledge, and passion of the people on our current team have made a substantial contribution to the Koel Group’s continuous success. One’s dedication to excellence and desire to be a part of a forward-thinking, important organization within the industry are demonstrated by their decision to join our ranks.