The Compliance team is committed to ensuring adherence to pertinent laws, codes, policies, and procedures in line with the overall vision of the Koel Group. By actively reducing the environmental impact of our operations and product development, we continue to uphold our unshakable commitment to protecting the environment. In accordance with the global Net Zero goal, we have developed a set of ecologically friendly strategies, and we are steadfastly trying to reduce our use of natural resources by using cutting-edge technologies. The Koel Group has a strong compliance governance architecture that makes it easy to create internal controls and keep them improving. This framework is crucial for promoting an ethical work environment, which in turn gives us the ability to make significant contributions to achieving the group's overall objective.


Research & Development (R&D) stands as an indispensable cornerstone for the Koel Group and the textile industry as a whole. This department assumes a pivotal role in shaping the esteemed image of our industrial products. By providing unwavering quality support to our marketing team, R&D indirectly contributes to the cultivation of a strong brand presence in the market.

Our team of R&D technologists initiates their work by meticulously analyzing the requirements of our buyers. These requirements are gleaned from samples thoughtfully collected by our dedicated marketing professionals. These samples are then meticulously compared with our existing portfolio. Should they not align with our existing offerings, our technologists embark on a journey to adjust various parameters, striving to create a new style that precisely meets the buyer’s specifications.


Learning & development

The Koel Group offers a dynamic platform for those who are driven to discover their talents, unleash their limitless potential, and materialize their aspirations. The Koel Group accords capital development the utmost priority in profound awareness of the innate human need for expansion.

We understand that both hard skills and soft skills are equally essential in the complex production environment we live in, where human experience combines with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the best outcomes possible. We enable our staff to realize their full potential through carefully planned training initiatives, ensuring that they stand out as the greatest versions of themselves.