Business Segment

The Business Segment of Koel Group is a multifaceted powerhouse that includes sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, and power generation. With a global presence, our dedication to innovation and sustainability drives growth. We provide cutting-edge products and solutions that empower businesses and communities while promoting a more prosperous, environmentally friendly future.

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Jayqo Textile & Accessories Limited

Jayqo Textile & Accessories Limited produces quality yarn for export market. We collect garments clips and solid waste from local market and manufactures recycled cotton fiber to use as raw material for yarn instead fresh cotton with the use of modern and eco-friendly machineries. We also produce garments trims and accessories for both local and international market. In 2016, the venture was undertaken to ensure green development and sustainable environment for the future generation.

Business Type: Recycled cotton fiber, garments trims and accessories
Legal Status: Private Company Limited

Anisha Agricultural Industry Limited

Anisha Agricultural Industry Limited produces and delivers fresh Food and Feed products. The company is located at Shafipur in Gazipur, with a total of 4 acres of land. We produce healthy and standard food products, not containing any form of antibiotic residues or chemical fertilizer. We also manufacture, package and supply frozen food for both local and international markets.

Business Type: Agricultural, fisheries and livestock products
Legal Status: Private Company Limited
Products: Frozen food, milk, eggs, chicks and feed


Building infrastructure excellence is a specialty of Koel Group's Construction division. We take on a variety of projects, from vital infrastructure to commercial and residential complexes, with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, and innovation. Modern living environments are shaped by our uncompromising dedication to excellence, which also helps communities develop.


Koel.Shop, the brainchild of Shaharier Alam, is a new platform for smart marketing system of RMG-based products. The venture was launched in early 2020. We are committed to bring about a paradigmatic shift in the realm of RMG-based E-commerce business model in both home and abroad. Koel.Shop eyes e-commerce business bloom and creation of a new platform, where entrepreneurship is highly encouraged. We dream to create a haven for the small and medium enterprises across the globe.

Business Type: RMG product-based E-commerce business
Legal Status: Private Company Limited
Products: Clothing for men, women and children

Koel Modish Apparels Limited

In 2016, Koel Modish Apparels was established under the guidance of our mentor Shaharier Alam. The venture is a 100% export-oriented readymade garments industry located at Gazipur on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Our key objective is to manufacture top quality products and deliver goods and services at affordable prices on time.

Business Type: Manufacturing and exporting
Legal Status: Private Company Limited
Products: All types of RMG products
Exporting Countries: Germany, Italy, Croatia
Types of Fabrics we handle: All sorts of denim and non-denim fabrics from light weight to heavy weight
Production Processes: Sampling, Cutting, Stitching, Finishing, Packing

Medical $ Diagnostic

The Medical & Diagnostic section of Koel Group is committed to developing healthcare solutions. To assist medical professionals in making precise diagnoses and providing patient care, we offer cutting-edge medical equipment, diagnostics, and services. The highest standards in medical technology are ensured by our dedication to innovation and accuracy for better health outcomes.


The Lifestyle segment of Koel Group elevates living through a variety of offerings, such as fashion, wellness, and leisure activities. We deliver goods and services that improve lives by fusing complexity with usefulness. With an eye for fashion and a dedication to quality, we improve lifestyles and satisfy our clients' always changing tastes.