Design Studio

At Koel Group, we understand the synergy between Innovation and Design in meeting the dynamic demands of fast fashion. To cater to this, we have embraced a comprehensive turn-key supply chain approach and proudly present our Design Studio. Our Design Team is a fusion of youthful creativity and seasoned expertise, constantly pushing the boundaries of fashion. Our ‘state-of-the-art’ Design Studio provides the perfect canvas for their imaginative talents. Furthermore, our diverse, multinational team ensures that we create designs that resonate with the global fashion landscape, consistently delivering on our commitment to excellence.

Asia has always been recognized as a thriving market with sophisticated consumers who have changed and affected businesses around the world. With nations like China, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam acting as the core of production for the Western world since the 1970s, the continent has long been the heart of the world’s industry. This legacy continues to this day. The Koel Group is one of the torchbearers for this industrial prowess.

The Koel Group is a tribute to the confluence of design, product development, speed, efficiency, technology, and steadfast commitment to ongoing innovation. With a broad and diverse product portfolio ranging from casual woven clothing to painstakingly produced customized solutions. Our primary goal is to satisfy our clients’ changing needs while staying on top of the rapidly changing market trends.