About Us

Koel Group is one of the emerging apparel manufacturers and exporters in Bangladesh. The company launched its operation as a buying house -- Koel Modish Apparel -- under the dynamic and visionary leadership of our mentor Shaharier Alam in 2016. The Group is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of knitted garments and exporting them to various countries of Asia, Europe and America. We have been able to gain confidence of both local and international buyers since the commencement of our journey. 

Inspired by the initial success, the company has geared up to invest in new sectors of the country. Initial success led the company to make investment in new sectors of the country. More enterprises have been established during a relatively short period of time, covering diverse activities involving land

development and real estate, garments waste recycling, agricultural production as well as e-commerce venture. More additional schemes in other sectors are underway to expand business focusing on the particular and increasing responsiveness to clients’ needs. 

The Managing Director (MD) is leading our team with his profound skill and experience. Our products are made of top quality yarn with the help of modern machinery in an eco-friendly environment. We are firmly committed to manufacturing high quality products and deliver goods and services at affordable prices on time.

Jayqo Textile & Accessories (BD) Limited is engaged in recycling textile waste with the aim of ensuring green development and sustainable environment for the future generation. We turn RMG waste into recyclable cotton and yarn as well as produce garments trims and accessories for both local and international market.  

Anisha Agricultural Industry Ltd has brought a new dimension in agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors of the country. The company is committed to producing and delivering fresh and healthy Food and Feed products to meet the increasing demand from both local and global consumers in the respective sectors. 

We have recently launched an e-commerce business, named as Koel.shop, to bring about an innovative change in smart marketing system of RMG-based products and meet the increasing demands from our valued customers and buyers. Besides, Quest Developers and Construction are being operated under our group with a view to opening a new dimension in the land development and real estate sector as well as supply chain of the raw construction materials in the country.


MD Message


Shahriar Alam Koel

Managing Director

I would like to thank you first for visiting our official website. I also thank our customers, buyers and business associates for their continuous support and confidence in Koel Group and our staff for their tenacity, dedication and hard work.

Koel Group is a quality and customer-oriented company with a long-term vision. Our team does their utmost to present high quality products and thus achieve new levels of growth. As one of the emerging private equity companies in Bangladesh, Koel Group has been striving to achieve the highest level of excellence through hard work and relentless effort to improve our products and services in the RMG sector for about a decade.

Although, we started our formal journey as a group of companies in 2016, the Group began to materialize its plan nearly a decade ago and our progress is quite satisfactory so far. We have already been able to earn an excellent reputation in the RMG sector including, fabric knitting, dyeing, sewing, cutting and packing.

We have also diversified our investment in various sectors including land development, RMG products-based e-commerce business, recycling yarn and manufacture of agriculture, livestock and fisheries products etc. Various business ventures have already been launched under the company within a short span of time.

I feel proud to tell our customers that we remain upbeat about our prospects in the coming years. And, we will continue to execute our growth plans for the coming years.

What's Our Goal

Our Mission

To create a brand that is known for it’s unique products and uncompromising quality as well as achieve highest growth through satisfying our consumers, buyers and partners in the context of twenty first century’s demands and challenges.

Our Value

TRUST: Believing in each other

RESPECT:  Appreciating others

EMPATHY: Being considerate

COMPETENCY: Continuous learning and training

TEAMWORK: Commitment and open communication

LOYALTY: Valuing each other

CARE: Being responsible

Our Vision

The vision of Koel Group is to become one of the leading apparel manufacturers and exporters of Bangladesh and diversify its operation, investment and business in other sectors adopting inclusive growth and sustainable development policies. With an eye to attaining consumers’ satisfaction, Koel Group trusts in manufacturing best commodities in an eco-friendly way and ensuring best favourable environment for workers’ safety.

The Signature of Trust Worthiness

The Koel Group is divided into the Factory and Corporate sectors, each of which is run by a separate management committee (MANCOM). Both sectors are supervised and managed by MANCOM, which also has the critical duty of developing and overseeing the implementation of strategic plans. They set the highest standards for morality, ethics, and corporate leadership, acting as a lighthouse for all members of the organization.

Within the scope of its several operations, the Koel Group has evolved as a distinctive lifestyle brand with steadfast dedication. Although it started out as a little organization, it distinguished itself by tenaciously seeking excellence in all areas of its operations. Koel Group has broadened its views to include sustainable techniques in both production processes and energy usage while remaining steadfastly committed to accuracy and quality.

The Koel Group is positioned to reach new levels of sustainability as it stands at the beginning of its next stage of development. We ensure that we not only meet but also surpass global standards through our unrelenting pursuit of excellence and environmental responsibility. We achieve this with unflinching bravery and unflinching constancy, constantly aligning ourselves with the expanding requirements and aspirations of our esteemed partners and discriminating customers.